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Custom 10 Gram CasinoTek Ceramic Chips (25/Pkg) | Casino Supply *300 Chip Minimum Order Ceramic Chip Specs: 39 mm diameter 124 mm x 3.4 mm for the edge 10 Grams. Custom ceramic style poker chips are the ultimate in  ... Poker Chips - Home Poker Games Some low-stakes home poker games use coins for poker chips because they think it is ... The standard size for official casino chips is 39 millimeters in diameter . Casino Chip Supplies and Military Challenge Coin Holders These acrylic Air-Tite holders offer great protection for your poker chips. ... Click image for larger picture, Ring Size, Casino Chip or Silver Strike Description ...

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Securechip - Casino Chips Styles and Sizes Available Sizes: 39mm, 10g (Full Print) Security Options: UV Printing • IR Printing • Other. Octagon Chip Series In addition to our standard 39mm and 43mm gaming chips, we offer this standout 43.5mm octagon gaming chip, available with the same durable construction, vibrant colors and essential security features found in our other casino chips.

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Home / All Poker Chips / Page 1 of 2 ... Black Velvet Poker Chip Display Boards (Various Sizes) from $9.85. Chrome Plated Poker Chip Key Chain Holder. Sold Out. ... Thousands of Casino, Poker, & Gambling supplies in stock and ready to ship. We specialize in custom game layouts! What is the Size of a Poker Chip? - Dimensions Info Would you want to know what is the size of a poker chip that is often used at a real casino? Well, it is about 39 millimeters in diameter and about 11.5 grams in weight. That is the standard. Some casinos in Las Vegas, however, use poker chips whose weight ranges from 9 grams to 13.5 grams. It is important to note that poker chips are identical ...

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Kem Playing Cards - 100% Plastic Playing Cards A wide selection of Playing Card Accessories and Kem Poker Chip Sets is also available. You can choose from Playing Card Trays, Bridge and Gin Score Pads, Bridge Table Covers, Playing Card Holders, 300 and 500 Poker Chip Sets, and many other items. Real Kem Plastic Playing Cards are available through the online store.